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  1. Name: Jeroen Trappers
  2. Birth: 1983-01-14 - Turnhout, Belgium
  3. Email:
  4. Phone: +32 497 05 33 10
  5. Address: Langestraat 116 - 1790 Affligem


Jeroen (MBTI: ENFJ) likes using his knowledge creatively to search for solutions in an efficient and effective way. He is a quick study and adapts swiftly to new environments and technologies. Jeroen is a .NET developer with eye for detail who likes to work in a structured way. He is very motivated and quickly makes contacts.
He experiences every project as an opportunity to extend and broaden his knowledge. Jeroen has experience in leading and working in a team.

Jeroen has three years experience as a .NET software engineer in HRM applications and one year as an analyst/programmer in a Unix/C environment for a major Belgian mobile phone operator.

He then worked briefly for Boondoggle as support engineer. After that Jeroen became trainer at U2U.

Previous work


2010-10 - Current

Trainer teaching a wide variety of technologies

Programming Languages & Object-Oriented design

Microsoft .NET 4

Apple Cocoa Touch


2010-08 - 2010-10

Support Engineer for custom Database Marketing solution based on Messagent for Rabobank.


2006-09 - 2010-08

Senior Consultant - .NET developer

Project Apollo at Belgian Railways/NMBS/SNCB

2009-10 - 2010-08

Role: .NET frontend and backend developer. Activities: Technical analysis and design, implementation

Apollo is a software solution that supports creating and maintaining the planning for train personnel of NMBS. In a complex software landscape, Apollo must communicate with multiple other systems to get its data. Apollo uses modern Microsoft technologies.

The project is run in an agile way, following the principles of Scrum. Test driven, Domain driven and Behavior driven using Specification by example.

Tasks included technical analysis, implementation and unit testing of User Stories, assisting in infrastructure code an general software architecture and design.


Project Mandahrin at Belgian Railway Infrastructure / Infrabel

2008-04 - 2009-10

Role: Developer

Mandahrin is an application supporting the management of human resources of the Infrabel Network. The main responsiblity of the application is creating duty rosters and tracking and managing performances.

Tasks included development of custom ASP.NET controls and assisting in the implementation of the general architectural infrastructure around the project.


M*SO project at Mobistar

2007-04 - 2008-04

Role: Analyst - Developer

The mobistar SO "Systeme Operateur" consists in two large application blocks: CGA and CTDC

Jeroens role was developer on evolutive maintenance of the system. One of the largest evolutions he worked on was the provisioning interface for STP (Signal Transfer Point), supplied by Siemens. This is a specialized database component in the network wich makes number portability possible. The team got congratulations of the customer for the good performance and stability of the implementation.

Another large task was the migration of CTDC to another operating system, namely Solaris. Jeroen worked closely together with a team of Indian colleagues who did part of the work in off-shoring. Knowledge transfer, support, coaching and communication were most important among his tasks.





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